3 features every software for higher education must offer

Software for higher education

From student admissions to hostel management to student placement, educational institutions are using different products and services, powered by cutting edge technology, to automate operations, save time, and eliminate human errors. But as student attrition rates rise and graduation rates decline, universities are desperately looking for software that serves beyond documentation and process management. Therefore, we bring to you three must-have features in the software for higher education:


  1. Predicts high-demand skills

Technology’s on its spree to governing industries and norms, worldwide. The global market, on the other hand, is a global village today; negligible boundaries there! Therefore, the demand for new skills is almost always there. Hence, proactively enrolling for courses that will be in demand, in the long run, has become crucial for students. As a fitting solution to this, universities must leverage software for higher education that predicts ‘hot’ skills that’ll guarantee student employment upon graduation.


  1. Identifies top employers

Not landing a job is not always about a candidate’s resume missing the right skills. It can equally be about not getting in touch with the right employer. Students must know exactly where to apply for a progressive career. Hence, building university platforms backed by software that brings before educators data on employers, such as their historical hiring trends, their active months of hiring, and also the top cities they hire from, helping educators identify the top employers.


  1. Suggests associated job skills, titles, and expected salaries

Staying on top of their career game requires students to know the job market in an out. Be it the salary that students can expect, the skills that complement their graduation majors the best, or the designations they must apply for, the right software for higher education will help find answers to all such queries.

Talismatic’s software for higher education provides actionable insights, curated especially for a university, to help educators and students make impactful decisions.



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