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Everybody has things that they want to have or achieve, a wishlist of sorts. For educators, it includes ensuring student success and, consequently, driving institutional success. For employers, it is getting the right talent to fulfill their organizational needs. And for students, it is getting a job they are perfectly qualified for and fully interested in.

Students want to get the best job they can get for their unique set of skills, interests, goals, and preferences. Until recently, wishing for something like that would have been dismissed as wishful thinking. But not anymore! With Talismatic’s career path-finder app, students can exactly define what jobs they want in their careers, creating a wishlist, as it were, and get jobs that satisfy their criteria.


Talismatic’s career path-finder helps plan successful careers


Talismatic’s career exploration tool acts as a career path-finder for students who want to have long, successful careers. A successful career—as most would agree—means doing a job one loves, excels at, and gets remunerated for adequately. And most would also agree that such careers are very rare. This is because there are too many career options and too many variables that need to be analyzed in order to plan a career path. Talismatic does all the analysis and number-crunching to enable students to identify all the jobs they are qualified for.

It lays out all the possible higher education career paths for students, guided by their career services teams, to evaluate and shortlist their options. Students can determine which career path to choose by evaluating different criteria such as the job’s location, company, industry, salary range, and even the likelihood of an H1-B visa sponsorship! Because, why not? Now, it doesn’t get any more detailed than that, does it?


Using Talismatic’s career path-finder application, students can get to exactly know what to expect from each possible career path they can take. And, with the help of career guidance teams’ experience and their assessment of students’ strengths and weaknesses, students can craft careers that are successful by design—a career that checks every item on their wishlist. And educators, who want to offer that opportunity to their students can go right ahead and get a taste of the Talismatic’s career-path finder app right away!


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