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Job optimization on Google

Google for jobs has become a major boon for employers everywhere, helping potential candidates come across their jobs at the first search query typed for a vacancy. If you have ever wondered how to post a job on Google, certain factors certainly become necessary. However, with job posting tools that help you get your jobs posted on Google with ease, you have nothing to fret over.

To make a structured job posting , here are vital factors that are a mandate:

Create specific job titles

If you have noticed the latest trend of using jargon in job titles, you would know the temptations of using one in your job description. Make sure you don’t give in. While using fancy terms like ‘ninja’, ‘hustler’, or ‘wizard’ in your job titles may be fun, these only serve to confuse candidates. It is best to keep the job titles as simple as possible that give people the gist of what the job is about even at first glance. You can get your job postings on Google done easier when the job titles used are specific and to the point.

Mention job summaries that are optimized for location

Local SEO has been one of the ways to rank high on Google during job searches. If you consider things from the perspective of a candidate, they are more likely to search for a specific job within the area they live in. Optimizing your job summaries, titles, and descriptions keeping the location as a parameter can help you rank better, thereby allowing candidates on the hunt to come across your jobs on Google before your competitors!

Make use of relevant keywords

We all know the importance of relevant keywords for any search query on Google. The method to post your jobs on Google directly is no different. With search results on Google depending heavily on the choice of keywords, it becomes necessary to make use of relevant keywords when posting about a job as well.  This, in no way, means overusing said keywords to make them appear everywhere within the job description. Search engines have become smarter. You can more likely to come across as spam to Google by overusing keywords. Talismatic’s new tool GoPost can help you a great deal in order to find the right keywords  required to make it to the top of Google for Jobs listings.

Make bulleted lists

Too much information about qualifications in numerous long paragraphs is bound to confuse the search engines. This will only serve to downgrade your listing on Google rather than making it rank. By looking at some of the examples of a good job description, you can figure out on your own how clear headings and bulleted lists of the required qualifications can better help you rank. With clarity being an important aspect for both job seekers and search engines, you can provide them just that by mentioning your job requirements in a specific format better suited for SEO.

How Talismatic’s job posting tool can help you optimize your Job Ad

Now that you have an idea of how what a structured job posting requires, here is a look at what sets Talimatic’s tool apart.

With over twenty years in the recruitment and staffing industry, Talismatic offers a simple and effective self-service model allowing you to post your jobs directly to Google for Jobs with full optimization. The platform connects with your ATS system at zero cost to automatically pull your jobs as you create them, ensuring a near instant update on Google for Jobs. GoPost’s Job Engine Optimization services, optimizes all of your jobs, for all of your openings and dramatically increases your candidate flow. Incorporation of the right tags and keywords  for job postings ensures that your jobs rank better in search results. You can rack your daily job posting activity with GoPost’s advanced AI platform. Eliminating the need for coding, your jobs get posted in less time. GoPost ensures the posts are indexed and searchable by Google for Jobs, hence improving the candidate flow. Our advanced algorithms have been specifically tuned for the recruiting industry to make job posting easy.

So don’t delay,  Get Your Job Postings on Google today!


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