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Google for jobs has widely been used owing to its wide reach and its easy-to-use feature. Most, however, fail to realize this is just a tool for job search and not a job board. One cannot actively post a job on Google job search like they do to feature on a job board. Instead, certain measures need to be taken to help Google crawl and feature the jobs that are already posted elsewhere. With tools introduced that can help you get your jobs listed on Google automatically, this becomes all the more easy for recruiters.

Being among the best online job search engines across the globe, chances of having your jobs reached out to millions anywhere in the world is surely a boon. This, however, needs one to ensure that the following measures are in place:

Update your careers’ site

If you understand how Google works, you would certainly know why keeping your careers site updated is crucial. Google job search results are collated through web crawling that finds every relevant search and displays it when a job vacancy is looked up. Updating your career page can prove to be more time saving than having to post on Google for jobs through third-party sites. With the right tool, you can have your jobs posted on Google directly, saving time as well as effort.

Optimize your website

Optimizing your website is another way to have Google get your job listing crawled. By editing the HTML of your website’s career section, you need to ensure that the web page is indexable, make use of sitemaps, and keep track of clicks and impressions using Google search console. While numerous third-party websites can help your job listing appear on the search engine, you can do it directly using this particular method or through sites that are directly integrated with Google.

Optimize your job descriptions

Anything that has to be on a search engine needs to be optimized. Ranking high on the best online job search engines requires your post to be optimized in order to be SEO-friendly. These techniques include:

  • Using relevant phrases and keywords that match the job title and description
  • Making use of clear titles and phrases to keep it simple and avoiding jargon that could confuse potential candidates
  • Making use of visual representations, which includes posts or even videos, to put your requirements across
  • Ads that include a bulleted list of what you are looking for in a candidate and what their responsibilities might be

All of these above guidelines can help your job listing be optimized for SEO, making it easier to be crawled by Google.

The most crucial part about Google for jobs that one must understand is that it caters only to a targeted search conducted. This means that the jobs are only listed for those actively looking for a job. This certainly is enough to have recruiters and employers alike leaning towards Google job search over the conventional use of job boards.

Get Your Jobs Listed on Google Job Search with Ease

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