Use Talismatic to plan courses that make your students job-ready!

Course Planning

How do you decide, as an educator, if your students are job-ready? Because giving your students a graduation certificate doesn’t necessarily make them job-ready. Making students job-ready starts way before their graduation. In fact, the process starts even before a student attends his first lecture. You make (or don’t make ) your students job-ready when you plan their courses.


Teaching things right v/s teaching the right things


You might have the most experienced, skilled, and committed staff of lecturers at your institution. Having competent teachers, however, will only ensure that students learn the right way, but not necessarily the right things. If the skills you teach your students are not in demand in the job market, your students will end up being unemployed, regardless of how well you taught them. Thus, knowing what to teach, i.e., being a good course builder is of prime importance in making students job-ready.


Teaching the right things with Talismatic


Being an effective course planner does not require any special skill or talent. However, what it does require is niche information. And when it comes to gathering critical information on job market trends, very few applications come close to Talismatic’s labor market analytics for educators. Talismatic is helping leading educational institutions to gather job market insights like:

  • city-wise demand for different skills,
  • the average expected salary for different skills,
  • top associated skills for creating high-demand curriculums,
  • top expected job roles for any combination of skills.


The above insights enable course builders to create curriculums that are market-ready! Students who are taught such informed curriculums are bound to have a competitive advantage over their peers from other institutions. To plan courses that make your students job-ready, try Talismatic for free, today!


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