How recruitment analytics in the IT industry improves the hiring process

Hiring for IT

Recruitment analytics in the IT industry has given a makeover to the traditional recruiting and selection processes. Basing predictions on past experiences is now deemed an old-fashioned way of strategizing and isn’t profitable anymore. Today, with the power of data and the accuracy of predictive analytics, a recruiter can make calculated and real-time predictions.


The talent acquisition leaders in the IT industry are, therefore, leveraging the insights and predictions that come with recruitment analytics, to hire talent that best fits their requirements. Recruitment technology helps an IT recruiter to track, evaluate, gather, and analyze an employee’s performance much before they hire them.


Recruitment analytics and the IT recruiter

An IT recruiter must always be on his toes to accommodate the changing recruitment trends in their industry. With the help of recruitment analytics software like Talismatic, IT recruiters can keep candidates in pipeline and strategize proactively. Talismatic offers on-point recruitment metrics, like the ones shared below, to help recruiters draft a ready-for-the-market hiring strategy.


Hiring potential: Talismatic spontaneously lets an IT recruiter know how easy or difficult his search would be. The software gives an exact count for the number of candidates matching your description along with the label – easy, difficult, or moderate.


Job closing time: A clear indication of the time taken to close a position in the IT industry will, therefore, help recruiters to set realistic targets for the future recruitment cycles. Besides, Talismatic can also help recruiters compare their job closing time with that of their competitor’s, as well as, the industry.


Salary trends: With Talismatic, an IT recruiter can learn the salary trends in his industry.  As a result, the recruiter would not miss out on the best candidates just because they weren’t paid enough.

If you’re an IT recruiter wanting to streamline your recruiting process try Talismatic today!

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