3 things you should look for in an Employee Recruitment Tool

Employee Recruitment Tool

The American workforce is an enthusiastic bunch of people, always looking out for bigger and better opportunities. Such deep focus on career makes the American job market one of the toughest nuts to crack. Employees are continually migrating from one company to another and changing cities one after the other. Recruiters, on the other hand, are trying out different strategies not just to hire but also retain good employees. The environment is, therefore, extremely competitive and challenging for recruiters – highlighting the need for technological assistance in recruitment. An ‘ideal’ employee recruitment tool collates multiple algorithms to offer a one-stop solution to all your recruitment needs. You can, therefore, make your life easier by relying on a tool that knows what’s best for your company. Listed below are three significant features to look out for when deciding which recruitment tool to pick.


1.    Competitive Intelligence

Why would you opt for a recruitment tool, in the first place? No matter what your answer, I can bet on where that answer comes from – the desire to do ‘more’ with recruitment! Now, to do something above and beyond of what you’re already doing, you can’t afford to work in silos. You need to thoroughly gauge where your recruitment efforts stand against industry standards and market trends. By competitive intelligence, we mean the ability to compare recruitment strategies, benchmark your performance against competitors, observe previously unnoticed patterns, and drive better decision-making. An employee recruitment tool that offers competitive intelligence will help you identify:

  • how your competitors are recruiting,
  • how much they are paying their employees,
  • what skills they are looking for,
  • what their closing for a given position is,

…and just so much more.


2.    Analysis and Reporting

Your employee recruitment tool should offer you the ability to read between the lines. Analytics and reporting help you stay prepared for unforeseen situations, such as a sudden peak in employee attrition rates. Such tools can consolidate hiring data from multiple sources, study market trends, highlight bottlenecks if any, and produce a report that gives you actionable insights. These insights help you align your recruitment strategy with your organizational priorities.

Furthermore, there is a host of other cool things that you can do with an analytical employee recruitment tool. For instance, you can spot your ideal candidate in a matter of seconds. Yes, you read that right! The tool should be able to help you streamline your search by eliminating the noise and directing you to sources that have candidates matching your exact requirements. Tools like Talismatic can do this by sifting through profiles, analyzing familiar sources of origin, and identifying patterns. Reports generated by the tool will inform you of cities, universities, and competitor companies where your candidates are concentrated. Besides, such reports also help you decide how much time and money to spend on recruitment in a particular location, adding relevance to your efforts.


3.    Workflow Planning and Automation

At the current pace of competitive recruiting, wasting your time on futile activities that can easily be automated would be a blunder. A recruiter must spend his or her time on what really matters – interviewing the highly qualified candidates. Tasks like the preliminary screening of candidates, candidate ranking, any form of internal and external communication, and planning for contingencies can easily be automated, provided you’re using the right recruitment tool. The entire process of recruitment can be automated – right from setting milestones and timelines to onboarding a candidate.

Your company, its style of doing business, and its needs are unique. A generic and template recruitment tool would never do justice to your requirements. You need a tool that understands the nuances of your organization and flexibly maps its functions to your terrain. Remember, a tool that understands both – the American recruitment environment and your specific recruitment challenges – is your ideal employee recruitment tool.


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