Is recruitment software only for the tech-savvy?

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Recruiters don’t need to be excellent programmers to hire great talent. But yes, they need to have in-depth knowledge of various recruitment technologies and their usage. This is because the competition for acquiring great talent cannot be won through manual strategizing and execution. Without appropriate knowledge of recruitment analytics software and tools, recruiters cannot expect to have significant results in tight deadlines. Latest developments in the workspace technology have made it imperative for recruiters to be updated with the fast changing trends of the recruitment industry.


The need to make friends with recruitment technology


Recruitment is not an easy job, and increased competition has made it even more difficult. To get the best talent available in the market, recruiters need to have a competitive edge. The lack of knowledge about workspace technology can prove to be a big-big mistake. The idea is not for recruiters to necessarily be tech-savvy. The idea is for them to identify the potential of technology in their work and to discover the areas where they can leverage it.


Recruiters must stay updated on various tools and software that can optimize their recruitment strategy at every stage of the recruitment cycle. Leveraging recruitment tools and software is only possible when recruiters have a thorough knowledge of the best recruitment technology.


Right from the beginning till the very end of a hiring process, recruiters require innovative recruitment tools to augment their efforts. Sourcing tools, job posting tools, selection tools, and onboarding tools are already in the market and companies are leveraging these tools to revolutionize their hiring approach. Therefore, recruiters must be aware of the advancements in the recruitment technology to be in a position to recommend these tools to their teammates. Besides, for personal growth too, recruiters should pay attention to the technological advancements in their field.


Millennial candidates are very active on social media platforms. Recruiters are making optimum use of this fact by leveraging recruitment analytics software to attract candidates through social media platforms. Furthermore, social media is also a great platform to promote an organization’s branding. Good online presence can help an organization to create a broad network that will not only expand the reach of recruiters but also make job postings more appealing to candidates. Now, to make the best out of such opportunities, the assistance of recruitment technology is needed.


The fact is that recruitment analytics software is for everyone!


As a lot of data is generated during the hiring process, a recruiter must know how to leverage this recruitment data to improve their immediate and future strategies. With the rise of big data and data science, recruitment analytics has become an integral part of every company’s recruitment strategy. Most of the organizations rely on advanced analytics and software to hire candidates.


A comprehensive recruitment analytics platform increases the success rate of recruitment strategies by allowing recruiters to evaluate the talent sources and the quality of hire. Furthermore, the software helps recruiters make data-driven decisions instead of being guided by their biases.


Competition amongst organizations is getting tougher every day. To perform consistently and to get ahead in the game of recruitment, recruiters must learn the skills of understanding data. Now, recruitment analytics software simplifies this job. The software, via its HR dashboard, brings forth actionable insights that are enriched with graphical visualizations. This way, recruiters needn’t become data scientists to leverage data analytics.


Recruitment analytics software like Talismatic offer intelligent platforms that help a recruiter to:


  • Use combination of big data and statistical insights
  • Make optimal hiring plans
  • Scour the web for talent patterns
  • Benchmark against competitors


Talismatic offers industry insights, talent concentration, competitor intelligence, and inside job analysis on a single HR dashboard.  With the help of graphical representations and heat maps, using various color codes, recruiters instantly and easily understand the hidden insights.


The reign of traditional methods of recruiting is coming to an end. The days are not far when technology will ultimately take over every process in recruitment. It is, therefore, essential for recruiters to make friends with technology and take a keen interest in incorporating it, without being a compulsive tech-savvy!


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