The Grinch that Stole Competitors’ Insights

How the Grinch stole Competitive Insights

Come December, and the festive feeling starts kicking in. In fact, for some of us, the premature Christmas excitement begins right after the Halloween and sometimes even before the leaves start falling off the trees.  And it’s so justified – this whole excitement around Christmas, we mean. You can never be ‘over’ excited about the season of holidays, after all.


Everything we do during our Christmas holidays is steeped in tradition. Spending time with loved ones, decorating the Christmas tree, hanging stockings, leaving milk and cookies for Santa, savoring delectable handmade chocolates and cookies, or singing carols all night long – these are all customs that we have learned as kids.

But there’s something else related to Christmas that we came across as children.


Do you guys remember The Grinch? In Dr. Seuss’s famous children’s book, the Grinch is this grouchy loner who devises a diabolical scheme to disguise himself as Santa Claus and steal all the Christmas goodies from Whoville, a town inhabited by the warm-hearted Whos. The sound of Christmas festivities, as it reached Grinch’s cave on a mountain in the north of Whoville, fills his heart with spite and he decides to spoil the merriment. The story reveals that reason for all this wickedness was the Grinch’s heart, which was ‘two-sizes small.’ In the end, the Grinch has a ‘change of heart’ and he realizes that Christmas means much more than feasting and presents. And with that realization, his heart suddenly grows three sizes!


This Christmas, the Grinch is back! And he’s back with his big heart and an even bigger purpose! He’s come back to meet the hardworking and perennially busy inhabitants of ‘HRville,’ the HR personnel. As the adage goes, ‘old habits die hard.’ So, the Grinch continues to steal, but this time around his approach is ethical and for the larger good of HR.  Besides, the Grinch simply loves to disguise himself and has now taken on the avatar of an ‘intelligent’ competitor analysis tool, Talismatic.

Talismatic brings insights on competitor recruiting strategy and performance to HRville!


When recruitment data analytics meets its noble Grinch


Any attempt at recruitment data analytics is incomplete and rather futile if not supplemented with relevant competitor insights. With Talismatic, HR gets to develop its acquisition strategy with not just inward looking data but also data that shows:

  • What positions are currently open with the competitors
  • What the average job closing time is for the competitors
  • What skills or qualifications are demanded by the competitors

Above all, Talismatic’s Competitor Analysis feature gives a heat map representation of the exact cities in America where your competitors are focusing their recruitment efforts. This allows you to get an analytical breakdown of your competitor’s hiring strategies and traits. No doubt, this new Grinch wants to save HRville from falling out of the competition. Told you, ‘people change’!


This Christmas, gift yourself an ‘intelligent’ competitor analysis tool


It’s Christmas! Just the right time to gift yourself something that’ll fill the New Year with recruitment opportunities and success for you. So, what better than an ‘intelligent’ competitor analysis tool like Talismatic? The tool lets you:


  • Plan your hire
  • Gauge hiring timeframes
  • Plan for contingencies
  • Analyze market trends
  • Measure overall performance
  • Align organizational priorities
  • Address recruitment bottlenecks
  • Benchmark against your biggest competitors


Talismatic brings you exclusive features like ‘Candidate Spotter’ and ‘Geo-Intelligence’ that track down your ‘ideal’ candidates across universities, cities, and rival companies. Whether you’re a mid-sized enterprise or a large corporate company, this recruitment tool seamlessly integrates with your existing recruitment infrastructure. A single dashboard view of all your past and present recruitment data transformed into actionable insights allows Talismatic to offer a bird’s eye view of your organization, competitors, and the larger industry. And if we told you that the tool does all of this and more in alignment with your organization’s overall vision and priorities, please don’t drop your jaw, because that’s exactly what Talismatic does.


Want to know more about Talismatic? What are you waiting for? Visit Talismatic’s official website and welcome the New Year on an ‘intelligent’ note.


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