The HR Guide to Tackling Holiday Nightmares!


Yes, Christmas is around the corner. Yes, it’s time to forget about work. And yes, it’s time to party. But HR can’t ‘keep calm’ and join the celebrations because it’s time for them to face the holiday nightmares. It’s that time of the year when every possible holiday, right from Thanksgiving and Christmas to New Year’s Eve, hits at the same time. But recruitment professionals cannot afford the luxury to turn a blind eye to their targets in the name of holidays. Staying motivated is never going to be easy when everyone else is taking time off during this month! So, we’ve identified some of the most trying challenges recruiters face during the holiday season. Find out how recruitment data analytics with an ‘intelligent’ talent acquisition software can rescue HR from the same.


Not too many candidates may apply


During the holidays, candidates are either busy spending time with family and friends or assuming that it’s a slow time for organizations as well. As a result, recruiters have a tough time finding quality candidate leads during this time and are disheartened to see their job postings receive no or negligible responses. Even if candidates end up applying, there’s a high chance that they won’t be available for an interview. This again delays the process of getting candidates on board.

As a recruiter, you’ve got to stay prepared for such inactivity. Anticipate the needs of your open positions and build a pipeline of qualified candidates before the holidays take over. Use a recruitment tool that:

  • Discovers potential candidate location
  • Analyzes the average job closing time
  • Understands recruitment dynamics
  • Plans for contingencies

Productivity at workplace is low


We can’t really blame anyone for being excited about the festivities in the air at this time. Office environments are abuzz with chitchats and laughter. You can hear your colleagues plan house parties, vacations or shopping sprees. While some may be away on a family holiday already, others may be reaching office late or leaving early. No doubt, it’s difficult to stay focused amidst all the joy and merriment.

So then don’t stay that focused. Yes, you heard that right! Lean back a little and pause the recruitment. You can choose to utilize these vacations by spending time on something else instead; something not as rigorous as recruitment but equally beneficial to your company. Is that even possible, you ask? Yes, very much. You can devote your time to Talent Analytics and find out:

Spending time on Talent Analytics goes a long way in creating an informed recruitment strategy for your next recruitment cycle, while still allowing you to take things a little easy this Christmas.


Not everyone is on a holiday


It’s a big misconception that everyone is on a holiday during this time. Not all countries celebrate the same set of holidays. In fact, given the multitude of religious groups that are present in America, it is quite believable that not everyone is out on a vacation. So, it makes sense for you not to put back your weapons in the arsenal. Instead, keep a close eye on your competitors’ recruitment strategies. Benchmark the performance of your recruitment plans against that of your competitors, identify the lags and fix them. You can also use competitor insights to craft differentiated hiring strategies based on what meets your and your talent pool’s expectations best.


Recruitment data analytics with Talismatic talent acquisition software


Talismatic is the single point recruitment solution for all your holiday nightmares and more! It’s the powerful talent acquisition software that offers niche capabilities like:

  • Candidate Spotting
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Geo-Intelligence


Built with the advantage of competitive intelligence, Talismatic helps you make the most of your recruitment data analytics during the holiday season and beyond. With Talismatic, you can have a:

  • Dashboard view of all your past and present recruitment data
  • Bird’s eye view of your company, your competitors, and the larger recruitment market
  • Focused and well-channelized recruitment strategy


So, worry no more! Tackle the holiday nightmares with Talismatic by your side and let the festivities begin!


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