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With a team comprising of HR and technology experts, we created Talismatic to make recruitment data-driven, structured, and above all, ‘intelligent.’  Talismatic is a recruitment tool that supplements the HR function with modern-day technologies like big data, statistical analysis, and business intelligence. With Talismatic, technology meets HR. So without much ado, let’s get started for a tour through the Talismatic HR analytics tool.


Getting boarded


Allow me to be in your recruiter shoes. Now, as a recruiter, this is the first time I am going to use Talismatic. So I start my Talismatic journey by signing up for the app with simple details like name, email ID, and contact number. After signing up, I reach the onboarding page. This is where I need to do two things:


  1. Enter details about my company, like its name, URL, and size
  2. Mention four of my biggest business competitors

The process of onboarding sets the tone for customized and niche insights for my recruitment process.


My Jobs


It only makes sense that you’d like to know where your recruitment strategy stands currently to design your way forward. Talismatic understands this and offers you visibility into the performance of your job postings over the last six months. You can take a look at:


  • The total no. of open job postings
  • How long they’ve been open for
  • Similar job openings by competitors
  • Average job closing time for competitors


“My Jobs” is your first rendezvous with Talismatic’s in-built competitive intelligence. Talismatic not only shows you where you stand in your recruitment cycle but also gives you a peek into where your competitors stand.


Plan a Hire


Right recruitment starts with the right recruitment strategy! Considering the rapidly changing business environment across America, “Plan a Hire” allows recruiters and HR managers to design a strategy that’s prepared for the future. Talismatic equips you with data that steer your future recruitment cycles in the right direction. With this feature, you can:


  • Create the right job descriptions
  • Look at the talent concentration across America
  • Headhunt the right candidate from top employers
  • Locate universities where your desired skills are taught to candidates


“Plan a Hire” uses some highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art technologies, like heat maps, to come up with stats that are path-breaking. So, with Talismatic’s Plan a Hire, you don’t plan your recruitment by just looking inwards; you take a holistic view of the job market.


Competitor Analysis


This is the space where you witness Talismatic’s competitive intelligence in full flair. As the name suggests, Competitor Analysis gives you a thorough understanding of competitor activity through graphical representations that convey insights the very moment you look at them. You get a summary of:


  • Which cities your competitors are recruiting from
  • What skills competitors are hiring for
  • What the educational profile of employees in rival organizations look like


At the end of this analysis, you’re good to go with competitive benchmarking, eliminating the possibility of sudden shocks or surprises in the future.


Talismatic is a power-packed HR analytics tool that deep dives into every single aspect of recruitment. It helps your organization move beyond its past recruitment data, and plan instead of guess. Talismatic’s user-friendly interface, logical navigation, and adaptability flow make it fit seamlessly into any corporate size and industry.


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