About Us

Talismatic was developed as a recruitment analytics platform, capable of being tailored to suit any corporate size and industry. Until now, recruiters were forced to resort to past data from within the company to plan their recruitment cycles. Since most of these figures are inward-facing and often require large buffer margins, this leads to an inefficient approach to a very crucial task.

Talismatic promises a fresh new take on the way recruiters plan and forecast their hiring cycles. Using a combination of big data, statistical insights and business intelligence, it provides meaningful information that’s key to the decision-making process.

Our team comprises of experts in the fields of HR and technology who are committed towards introducing a more structured and data-driven approach to recruitment for companies both large and small.

Recruiters can now avail of accurate data that connects talent movement patterns, position-wise closing-times and competitor intelligence. Its user-friendly interface shows a timely feed of statistics and data that can be used in a variety of permutations across the many stages of recruitment. It is the ultimate resource planning tool for enterprises.