3 Evaluation Parameters to select the right Recruitment Platform

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Given the current recruitment scenario in America, just posting jobs and interviewing candidates who apply is the most primitive thing the HR function could possibly do to its organization. Technology in HR is changing the game of recruitment, inside out. Therefore, one of the principal decisions that HR should make is their choice of recruitment platform. Considering the plethora of such platforms plaguing the market, your evaluation parameters shall make all the difference. So don’t forget to look out for:


If you’re a business that plans to grow – which I am sure you do – your requirements, challenges, and goals are bound to change. For instance, you may expand your company size, gain new business competitors, or plan on new office locations. Apart from such huge and not so frequent changes, you may have to deal with certain modifications that may come up now and then. These on and off changes could be a change in description for your job postings or the skill sets you’re looking for in your potential employees. You need a recruitment platform that’s flexible enough to accommodate such minor and major amendments in your recruitment strategy.


What’s the point of using a recruitment platform if you’ve got to do all the thinking by yourself? And with the rise in big data, it’s getting impossible for HR to rack its brain over the compilation and comprehension of massive mounds of data. If you don’t want to miss out on any slice of valuable information and obtain accurate insights, you need to have the right recruitment platform in place. An analytical platform enables you to:

  • Monitor recruitment progress
  • Streamline recruitment activities and operations
  • Set intermediary milestones
  • Plan recruitment budget
  • Focus recruitment efforts
  • Benchmark against competitors

Recruitment Analytics Software helps drive your strategies in the right direction. It is the basis for introspection, planning, and execution of your strategies.


Last but not the least, your business is unique and your recruitment platform must understand this. Generic solutions will just not work! Anything and everything that the platform does must keep you at the center. Decision-support should consider:

  • your industry type,
  • your organizational priorities,
  • your recruitment goals,
  • your job performance,
  • your competitors, and
  • the bottlenecks your company may face.

In fact, the platform should showcase your performance versus that of your competitors and your industry. This helps visualize where your recruitment measures stand and take necessary actions.
Your recruitment platform plays a much more prominent role in your recruitment success than you could have imagined. Invest in a smart recruitment platform that helps craft sound hiring plans.

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