Mass hiring without analyzing Talent Density is a waste of time

Mass Hiring Talent Density

An organization invests so much of its time and resources when it plans for mass hiring – right from the money spent on advertising, the fee paid to the staffing agency, the time spent by a recruiter interviewing, to the cost incurred on training recruits. And this process only gets more demanding when senior positions are to be filled. Now, with an extensive recruitment strategy and budget like that, recruiters should be well placed to hire the best talent in large numbers, right? Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. Why, you ask? Lack of talent density analysis.

When your recruitment efforts are spread across the whole of America, there are only two things you can do – divide your total recruitment effort and budget equally across the American geography or carve out an extensive plan for each of the many cities in this landscape. Let me tell you this – both these options are nothing but a waste of time – because all town and cities across America might not even host the talent you’re looking for. And this is why you need a recruitment tool that spots the right sources of recruitment for you.


The power of talent density in hiring right


Talent density helps recruiters:

  • know the exact geographic location of viable candidates,
  • get a city-wise map of candidates, and
  • track talent movement patterns across America.


This way you can de-clutter your candidate search and target your recruitment strategy towards the right locations. In fact, a recruitment tool that flaunts the talent density feature will also allow you to learn about potential candidates in your competing companies and promising graduates from universities. Furthermore, with a talent density recruitment tool, you can go well beyond a single industry to discover high potential candidates.

Some of you may be thinking of or already using Google Analytics for tracking down the principal source of traffic to your careers site. While that shows you’re thinking in the right direction, it wouldn’t make up for the much-needed strategic thinking. While this form of analysis can tell you the source of traffic, and perhaps where your job postings are being well received, traffic definitely does not give you an idea of how many of these site visitors will apply for that job.


Mass hiring based on talent density analytics simplifies the overall process of recruitment for HR. With simple inputs like ‘job title’ or ‘skills,’ HR can reach the best of matches for a position lying vacant. By informing recruitment activities with the power of talent density data, you get to identify candidates with niche-skills, while drastically bringing down the time and cost of recruitment.


Mass Hiring analytics dashbaord
Heat Maps for recruiting


Talismatic is one such recruitment tool that asks its users to customize their candidate search w.r.t skill set, job title, and years of experience, and shows them the location of their desirable candidates, using its talent density feature. Furthermore, it gives an exact count of the number of candidates matching your requirements in each of these locations and highlights the areas with the maximum concentration.


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