3 reasons your students are not getting the jobs they deserve

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While the current job market in the US may look quite rosy, it actually isn’t an ‘all flowers and no thorns’ garden, mind you. Here’s why we say so:

Disappointing, right? While universities strive to develop their curriculum so that students land their dream jobs, most students are not getting the jobs they deserve. Here are top three reasons for the mismatch:


1.                 Students don’t have the right academic skills

To take up an aspired designation in a company, the basic requirement is for a graduate to possess the skills that match the position, isn’t it? But, since students have no clarity on what courses would best train them for a particular job responsibility, they enroll for ‘pointless’ or obsolete courses.


2.                 Students don’t know where to apply

Don’t you feel that if students had the right insights on which cities and organizations are looking out for them, then they’d have a better chance at their desired jobs? Yes, they would! Currently, students lack these insights, due to which they end up applying in companies that aren’t actually looking out for them.


3.                 Students don’t know the current job market trends

Today, due to the changing job trends, there are chances that the courses that students enroll for become futile by the time they graduate. Such instances again lead to a situation where students are left with certificates and degrees that hold no value in the job market.


Therefore, by leveraging the power of big data and machine learning, deans, faculty, and curriculum designers must boost their university’s curriculum, helping students shine brighter in a competitive work environment. Choosing the right education analytics platform like Talismatic, will make job market analysis an accurate and meaningful exercise for the educators.

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