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Did you know, most of the students in the US are under tremendous pressure to repay their education loans? While it might be hard for us to believe, it is reported that the average student loan debt was $39,400* in the year 2017. But the picture is not as grim as it may seem. Several companies are now extending a helping hand to their recruits, offering to repay the education debts so far. But to avail this help, students must connect with such companies in the first place. And how do they do that? The answer is – with the help of their educators! Apart from analyzing the job trends in the USA, educators should also turn their focus to identify companies that are willing to repay student loans when they hire a student on graduation. So, here’s what educators must know:

Which employers are offering the loan repayment benefit?


The myth that only the industry giants and multinational companies are willing to help employees with student debts needs to be busted. The number of students facing the debt issue has grown exponentially, which is why the number of employers offering the loan repayment assistance has increased too. Non-profits and small and medium organizations, as well as, startups are also offering the facility now. Educators must have all such employers identified.

However, assistance with loan repayment can’t alone be the deciding factor for students to choose their future employer. Students must also see the potential to grow in their career and be paid handsomely as well. Therefore, educators must also identify:


  • The cities where employers are hiring aggressively
  • Average time taken by an employer to hire
  • Best months to apply for a job
  • The Average salary offered for a role
  • Skills that complement each other


However, manually gaining such insights are difficult. Therefore, Talismatic’s educational analytics platform not just automates the analysis of job market trends for educators, but brings them actionable insights in the form of an easy to comprehend summary, right on their personalized dashboard.


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