Shaping Education Pathways By Leveraging Talismatic’s Labor Market Insights

Labour market insights

Education and recruitment are 2 industries that form the cornerstone of every person’s career. While education grooms a student into becoming a professional, recruitment helps identify which candidate is right for the job. However, due to the fast-changing nature of companies, candidates often have to be trained even after being hired, and this is not the ideal situation.  

Labour market insights can help educators gear their students better towards whatever career path they choose while assisting recruiters with talent that has the right skillset. Intrigued to know how? Labour market Insights like Talismatic help develop careers using labour market data. Scroll down to find out more. 

Labour market insights

Course Enhancement
School and University research committees and the management, including deans and provosts, aim to give their students the best education available. However, the existing syllabus may have to be relooked at with labour market trends so that the course curriculum can be tweaked. Our tool’s skill-demand resources aid educators in curating the right mix in each subject and curriculum. This helps: 

  • Enhance each student’s skillset
  • Increase course demand and student employability 
  • Promote a healthy workforce 
  • Boost personal growth

Student Enrollment and Retention
Labour market data greatly help educators understand the job market requirements and therefore assist them in formulating new courses accordingly. This, in turn, shows students how each course is tailormade for them to ace their choice of job. Talismatic can aid educators in identifying skill gaps based on a particular region so that they can create a module to help re-skill people to ace their job. It also helps: 

  • Curate a high-quality curriculum 
  • Market the institution to potential candidates 
  • Use labour market trends to retain students 
  • Place students in the apt company with the right job

Boost Labour Market Research
The job market is an ever-changing one that does so regularly and without notice. To stay up to date, Talismatic can provide educators with a labour market insight report, so they understand existing employment trends. It will also present them with skills that will be imperative in organizations a few years hence so they can curate new offerings and increase student employability. It will: 

  • Determine what skills are necessary
  • Boost the necessity of getting this degree 
  • Be on top of labour market trends

Career Development
More often than not, candidates are not able to find the right job while organizations are not able to get the apt candidate. However, with Talismatic and its labour market insight report, University Career Departments can get live access to hiring patterns across the United States. In addition, it can also assist educators with student placement patterns, the skills required and missing out there. With Talismatic, you can: 

  • Get projections for careers and salaries
  • Help students choose what field they should major in 
  • Identify local and national employment opportunities for students 
  • Determine local company’s skill requirements 

Now that you know how Talismatic’s labour market trends can help educators, we are sure you want to know more about the tool. Not to worry, we have got you covered.

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