We need curriculums based on Labor-market Research

labor market curriculum


In the present, almost-chaotic age of rapidly changing trends, there is one common thing that everyone desires – certainty. Everyone has limited time and resources, which they want to invest in ideas and endeavors that will lead to certain, desirable outcomes. The same applies to students, who want to know if the time and money they spend in an educational institution will lead to a certain, desirable outcome –  their dream job. It is, therefore, an educator’s duty to prepare their students for guaranteed, coveted jobs. And to do this, educators need to build curriculums based on labor market research.


Why intuition-based curriculum is a gamble

Creating curriculums based on obsolete data or, even worse, intuition, and hoping that the job market will be kind to your students is a huge gamble, to say the least. This gamble can have severe ramifications for both, the students and the institution. An extended track record of having low ‘employment-on-graduation rates’ adversely impacts the future enrolment in a college, bringing down the college’s name and reputation.


How using labor market analysis eliminates uncertainty

Real-time data collected via labor market analysis enables educators to create high-value curriculums that maximize the probability of getting their students hired right. Through labor market analysis, educators can gain actionable insights such as:


  • demand for skills across different geographies, industries, and experience brackets
  • combination of skills in high demand
  • expected salary for different skill-sets
  • current job market trends for any given skill


Such detailed insights enable educators to prepare their students for the job market. With continued application of such insights, educators will also end up enhancing the prestige of their college in the larger education industry.


Labor market analytics software for educators, like Talismatic, bring educators the exact insights they need to design well-informed curriculums, in a matter of a few minutes.


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