Being good educators also means being good career guides

career guides

One-third of Americans regret major life decisions, which includes the university they chose, the career they ended up in, and the workplaces they joined. Even though universities in America have dedicated career guides on campus, we still see a significant number of Americans unhappy with their profession. Something is missing here, right? To help students choose the right career, career guides must have a complete understanding of the potential of each student. But, as career guides don’t interact with students on a daily basis, their understanding of a student’s aspirations is limited to the few sessions they have with the student. And that’s exactly why no one can be a better career guide than an educator himself.
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every individual student, educators can better understand whether a student is taking up the right profession or not. Playing a multifaceted role, from teaching to personality development coaches to career guides to career strategists, educators, indeed play a pivotal role in a student’s career success.

But, how do educators become career guides?

While educators know student potential, they don’t know much about the upcoming trends in the job market. To guide students job-ready, educators must first know the:
• all associated skills that make a student completely ready for a job
• all possible jobs that a student is eligible to apply for
• the median salaries that follow a particular job-type


Only a career planning tool like Talismatic can help educators gain job market insights like the ones mentioned above. Talismatic allows educators to:
• predict skills with high returns,
• explain to students how their course is aligned with the job market, and
• identify sustainable career paths for students based on the future trends.


So, educators out there, leverage Talismatic and guide your students on their path to career success!


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