3 ways Companies are using AI in HR

AI in HR analytics


The heart of AI in HR lies in making well-informed choices concerning people, process, and technology. AI in HR analytics is one of the fastest growing areas in recruitment, and rightly so: AI can both automate and streamline the recruitment process. While AI can bring in 100% automation of candidate sourcing, screening, and matching, it can ameliorate the relations between candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers too. If you still want to know what more AI can bring to a recruiter’s table, here you go:


1.    Planning recruitment

Planning a recruitment cycle is one of the most grueling responsibilities for any HR personnel. You go through a whole lot of data, statistics, and numbers from past hiring activities to craft a sound hiring plan for the future. Recruitment tools like Talismatic leverage AI in hiring to give you accurate and easy-to-act-upon insights that help you gauge hiring timeframes, understand recruitment dynamics, plan for contingencies, and discover potential candidates.


2.    Analyzing competitors

New-age recruitment is as much about keeping a close eye on your competitors as it is about devising your hiring strategies. Pioneering recruiters are using AI in HR analytics to put together recruiting intelligence from your biggest competitors. Talismatic, for instance, allows you to compare and differentiate hiring strategies, analyze market trends, and lets you set new benchmarking standards.


3.    Acquiring talent with AI in HR analytics

Acquiring the right talent is a stressful and resource intensive job. With the help of AI, recruiters can go way beyond their usual outreach and:

  • Extend beyond a single industry
  • Engage passive candidates from competing companies
  • Identify universities training students in the required skill sets
  • Get city-wise talent density

All of this allows recruiters to match a vacancy with nothing short of an ‘ideal’ candidate.


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