Three steps in the hiring process recruiters can do without

Recruitment hiring process

Recruiters are eagerly finding ways to streamline their hiring process and bring top-notch candidates and niche skills to their company. While recruiting the best talent is in itself a difficult job, today, recruiters are also expected to perform deliver responsibilities like:

  • market trend analysis,
  • competitor strategy analysis, and
  • alignment of recruitment and organizational strategies.


However, with the assistance of talent analytics, recruiters can do just so much more than hire talent! Investing in the right workforce analytics tool gives recruiters freedom from tasks like:


1.                 Posting a job description

With the right analytics tool, recruiters can eliminate this tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming task. By providing simple inputs like ‘job title’ and ‘years of experience,’ recruiters can straight away obtain a talent heat map, showing the exact cities and towns in the US where the desired candidates are located. So, no need to waste time writing long job descriptions to reach a candidate.


2.                 Pipelining candidates

Talent analytics tool like Talismatic eliminates the need to worry about the future. Recruiters don’t need to be anxious and keep candidates in the pipeline at all times.  Talent analytics provides real-time information on active job-seekers, passive candidates working for competitors, and fresh university graduates meeting a recruiter’s expectations.


3.                 Creating a mass hiring process

A talent analytics software does away with the need to recruit in high volumes, laying emphasis on quality and not quantity. Recruiters do not need to devise an explicit mass hiring strategy when analytics can help them detect the talent hot spots in a matter of minutes.


Once recruiters are free from the above three steps that take away a bulk of their time, they can focus on the recruitment industry’s more evolved responsibilities.


The wave of technological innovation is transforming the entire recruitment industry, helping recruiters to become more ‘smarter.’ Talismatic is one such disruptive recruitment software that helps recruiters fine-tune their recruitment strategy and attract high-quality talents.

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